If you have found a pet, there are several options available to you. Due to kennel renovations that will be ongoing through June 16, we are limiting our intake to animals who are suffering due to medical issues or are showing concerning behavior. When the animal arrives at the shelter, staff will use all available resources to reunite the animal with its owner.

Stray dogs are held for a minimum of 48 hours.  If the dog is wearing a city license, it will be held for a minimum of 10 days.

First and foremost, fill out a found report online here or You may also contact ACCT Philly at 267-385-3800 and give a detailed description of the animal to the staff.  Staff will check your “found” animal with reported “lost” animals to see if there is a match.  

Find a dog? If you found a dog who is healthy and friendly, it would be ideal if you could foster for them for a little while during the renovations. We can help with supplies! Just contact us at 267-385-3800 to let us know you found a pet but are willing to foster them temporarily. We’ll arrange to have you come by the shelter with them so that they can get basic vaccines and be scanned for a microchip.

While the animal is in your home, you should check websites such as PetfinderCraig’s List, local community groups like NextDoor, and your local newspaper for ads concerning lost pets.  Post signs with your contact information in the area where you found the animal. Lastly, be sure to add information on the found pet to ACCT Philly’s Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook, be sure to include a photo!

Find a cat? A special note about outdoor cats: Cats are allowed outdoors in the city of Philadelphia. If you have found a cat, you might have found someone’s pet who has either been let out or escaped the house. Free roaming cats brought to ACCT Philly who are deemed healthy will be verified as sterilized, vaccinated and released back to their home territory so that they may return home in accordance with our Community Cats Program that is reducing the population of free roaming cats in Philadelphia through targeted sterilization. 

Cats are more likely to find their own way home than be reclaimed at the shelter: Be aware that cats are more likely to find their own way home than to be reunited by any other method. Bringing a cat to the shelter, unless that cat is in need of medical care, is the least likely way for that cat to get home. The best thing you can do for a healthy, adult cat who is not in imminent danger is allow him or her to find their way home and only intervene if you are concerned for the cat’s safety.