ACCT Philly Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia Fri, 31 Jul 2015 21:02:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 August Events and Adoption Promotions Fri, 31 Jul 2015 19:43:31 +0000 Adoption Pricing for August

Kittens (under 6 months): $50
Adult cats (over 6 months): $25
Older adult cats (over 5 years): FREE with FAQ handout
Cats with Kitty Colds: FREE with FAQ handout and medication
Puppies (under 6 months): $200
Adult dogs (over 6 months): $40
Pen Pal dogs: $30
Benefactor dogs: $250

Looking for general adoption information? Click here.

Onsite Events and Promos (at ACCT Philly)

In addition to general discounted adoption fees throughout the month, we’ve got super special prices during our August events and promotions!

August 1-21, 2015
Adopt 5 or more Duck Dash ducks and enjoy half-off your pet adoption fee!

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Hot-Dog-Mondays-version-2Hot Dog Mondays
August 1-31, 2015
Every Monday in August, all dogs 40 lbs. and over are FREE!

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Feline-Fridays-version-2Feline Fridays
August 1-31, 2015
Every Friday in August, all adult cats are FREE!

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clear-the-shelterClear the Shelter – Sponsored by NBC and Telemundo
August 15, 2015
All pets are free during Clear the Shelter, a national event celebrating shelter pets!

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beach bodiesGet the Purrfect Beach Body
August 24-30, 2015
All cats 10 lbs. and over are FREE!

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Featured Offsite Adoption Events (various locations)


august-pupaloozaPupalooza! at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
August 1, 2015 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. – DOGS ONLY

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fitler square 8.9.15Petco Unleashed Fitler Square Cat Adoption Event
August 9, 2015, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
520 S. 23rd Ave, Philadelphia

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kittypalooza AUG 2015 editedKittyPalooza! at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
August 22, 2015, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. – CATS ONLY

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kitties gone wild aug 2015Kitties Gone Wild, Petco Unleashed North Wales
August 30, 2015, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
1210 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales

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Staying Cool in the Summer Heat Mon, 27 Jul 2015 17:45:16 +0000 Summer is here, and with it comes fun, sun and high temperatures! Whether you live in the city or spend your days down the shore, here are some tips from ACCT Philly to help ensure your pets have a safe, happy and cool summer :)

1.) Never leave your dog in a parked car. Even in the shade with windows cracked, temperatures inside the vehicle can quickly climb to dangerous levels. Dogs can suffer from heat stroke, organ failure and even death. Play it safe and leave your dog at home.

oliver baby pool

This dog has the right idea!

2.) Access to water and shade. Dogs can’t sweat like humans, they rely on panting to cool down. Without access to water, this can quickly lead to dehydration. Make sure your pet has plenty of clean, cool water. Try adding ice-cubes on particularly hot days. Is your dog a pool puppy? Encourage them to cool-down by setting up a baby pool – your dog will love it! Shade is another important factor in keeping cool. Tarps and trees provide great shade as they don’t block air flow.

3.) Monitor for signs of heat stroke. Know the signs and be vigilant in looking for warnings signs. Catching heat stroke early can be the difference between life and death for a suffering pooch. Things to watch for include shortness of breath, heavy or difficulty breathing, excessive drooling, weakness or collapse, dark red mucus membranes (gums), dilated pupils, and elevated body temperature. More progressed heat stroke symptoms can also include bloody diarrhea, vomiting and seizure.

What to do in case of heat stroke: Call your vet or an emergency clinic immediately. In the meantime, help lower your dog’s body temperature by running cool to mid-temperature (not cold) water over their body.

4.) Keep outside walks and playtime short. Avoid spending prolonged periods of time outside with your dog, bathroom break walks are perfectly reasonable on hot days! Instead of long walks or a trip to the dog park, offer your dog some fun, mentally stimulating activities they can play inside the comfort (and cool!) of your home. Stuffing a KONG with canned food and freezing it can provide hours of entertainment. You can also check out these dog “puzzles” on our Petango store.

5.) Appropriate grooming. Research appropriate summer grooming for your particular breed/mix of dog and keep their hair as short as you safely can. Remember, not all dogs should be buzzed. The fur of double-coated breeds/mixes such as huskies actually provides protection from the sun and should never be completely shaved.

6.) Keep off black asphalt. Asphalt traps heat more readily than cement or concrete and can burn a dog’s paw pads. Avoid walking your dog on asphalt if possible. Any hot surface can burn your dog’s paws, however, so it’s best to stick to natural substrates like grass and woodchips. You can also consider purchasing all-season dog booties to help protect sensitive paws.

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Part-time PetSmart EAC Animal Advocate, Plymouth Meeting Tue, 21 Jul 2015 20:24:18 +0000 Part-time PetSmart EAC Animal Advocate – Location: Plymouth Meeting

SUMMARY: The PetSmart EAC is an adoption center provided to ACCT Philly though a grant from PetSmart Charities for a three year period (which may be renewed if ACCT Philly is able to meet our obligations under the grant during that time, and desires to continue operations). The PetSmart EAC Animal Advocate is responsible assisting in all operations of the off-site adoption center provided to ACCT Philly by a grant agreement with PetSmart Charities. The EAC Animal Advocate must work closely with the PetSmart EAC Manager to ensure cleanliness of facility, health and care of animals, and customer service through adoption.

Download/view full job description: PetSmart EAC Animal Advocate

Apply online here or email

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Kennels are full, all dogs fee-waived! Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:49:33 +0000 Summer is the busiest time of year for animal shelters, and ACCT Philly is no exception.  We’ve seen an extremely high intake this month and adoptions are struggling to keep up.  Our kennels are at full capacity and that means all dogs are urgent.  To encourage adoption and save lives, all dogs are fee-waived on Thursday, July 16 and Friday, July 17!  If you’ve been considering adding a new member to your family, now is the time.  Come to the shelter on 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140 from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. today or tomorrow to save a life!

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2015 ACCT Philly Duck Dash Mon, 13 Jul 2015 21:07:31 +0000 We are thrilled to announce that ACCT Philly’s largest annual fundraising event, the Duck Dash, is back for a third year!

As part of the ACCT Philly ACCTion Hero campaign, the Duck Dash supports our lifesaving programs for pets, including our adoption center that is open 365 days a year. In 2014 we broke records by finding adoptive homes for more than 8,200 pets, and with your help we know we will continue the trend!

So be an ACCTion Hero and adopt a duck starting at only $5 (discounts for multiple ducks!) to help save and improve the lives of homeless pets in need.

What is Duck Dash?

On August 22, 2015, Vogt Recreation Center and Pool will be invaded by ducks … RUBBER DUCKS! Each duck taking a dip and dashing through the pool will be individually numbered. At the end of their swim, winning ducks will be drawn from the flock. If your duck is drawn – you WIN!

At least 5,000 ducks are taking a dip. Adopt one (or more!) for a chance to win $50,000 and other great prizes including $2,000 and an iPad!

Help spread the word by sharing the flyer below and learn more by visiting



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July Adoption Prices and Promotions Wed, 01 Jul 2015 16:46:31 +0000 Adoption Pricing for July

Kittens (under 6 months): $50
Adult cats (over 6 months): $25 as part of the Celebrate Freedom promo
Older adult cats (over 5 years): FREE with FAQ handout
Cats with Kitty Colds: FREE with FAQ handout and medication
Puppies (under 6 months): $200
Adult dogs (over 6 months): $25 as part of the Celebrate Freedom promo
Benefactor dogs: $250

Looking for general adoption information? Click here

In addition to general discounted adoption fees throughout the month, we’ve got super special prices during our July events and promotions!


Onsite Events and Promos (at ACCT Philly)


celebrate-freedom2Celebrate Freedom
All month long!
Adult dogs and cats are only $25 to adopt

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feline-freedom-adoption-frenzy (1)Feline Freedom Adoption Frenzy
July 1st-5th
FREE Kitty Wonderland cats, “Pick Your Price” adult cats and $30 kittens

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high-intake-promoWhen Intake is High, Help Adoptions Reach the Sky!
July 6th-10th (historically, this week sees the highest intake all year)
All adult pets are $10

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dog-days-of-summer-(1)Dog Days of Summer
July 18-24th
“Pick Your Price” Adult Dogs, 1/2 Price Benefactors and Puppies

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Featured Offsite Events (various locations)


Pursuit of a Home EACIn Pursuit of a Home at the Everyday Adoption Center
July 11th-12th
Half off all pets

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kittypalooza july2015KittyPalooza
July 25th at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
$20 cats and $40 kittens

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Fireworks & Pets: Tips for a stress-free July 4th Tue, 30 Jun 2015 21:03:22 +0000 Starting this week, Philadelphians will be Welcoming America in celebration of our country’s independence. Barbecues, block parties, concerts, fireworks…we’ll be having a great, big, noisy time – but our pets have no idea what the fuss is all about! To help your pets stay calm and safe this Fourth of July, check out the following tips:

1.) Identification, identification, identification. Oh, did we mention identification? The single most important safety precaution you can take for your pet is to have up-to-date identification on your pet at all times. What does this mean? A well fitting collar with an engraved tag stating your contact information, a microchip and/or a dog license. The more the merrier! Frightened pets have been known to jump through windows or push through screen doors in an attempt to flee perceived danger. An ID tag will help get your pet home in the event they run away.

→ Did You Know? Licensed dogs are more likely to be reunited with their owners, are given a longer hold time at the shelter and are in compliance with the dog license law. Best of all? Dog license fees save the lives of shelter pets by helping fund ACCT Philly! Get your dog licensed today, click here.

2.) Keep your pets inside, even if you have a fenced-in yard. This will decrease the chances of your pet escaping. Even if your pet has never bolted before, don’t take the chance; loud noises such as fireworks can make your pet behave in a completely different way.

3.) Don’t assume your pet is ok with fireworks. Just like humans, pets can develop new fears over time. Just because your dog was relaxed last year doesn’t mean this year will be the same. It’s best to be prepared for the worst and grateful when nothing happens.

4.) Stay calm. Pets feed off of your energy, so if you are tense and appear concerned – your pet will think there really is something to be frightened of. Try to relax and send calming signals to your pet. Give them a positive experience to focus on like some yummy treats or playtime.


It’s OK to be nervous! Fireworks are scary.

5.) Never punish your pet for being afraid. This can make pets confused and more fearful. It’s normal to be scared of loud noises, and reactions can range from shaking, hiding or vocalizing (barking, howling, yowling) to digging through walls and doors and going to the bathroom in the house. It’s safe to say that pets will probably never understand why we humans enjoy firework displays, so until they do, let’s cut them a little slack.

6.) Drown out fireworks with white noise. If they can’t hear the fireworks (or hear them as clearly, anyway), your pets will be less frightened and less likely to act out in fear. Turn on the radio or tv to a noisy channel that will mask the scary cracks and booms of fireworks.

7.) Is your pet afraid of thunder? Expect the same from fireworks, because to your pet, they are both loud and scary. The good thing about fireworks is that you can make a plan in advance to help lower your pets stress level. You can also be very fashionable and stylish while you do it. Just check out our Thundershirt information below to learn how.

8.) Talk to your veterinarian. If you your pet has developed serious anxiety issues over fireworks or thunderstorms, your veterinarian may have solutions including medication or behavioral therapy. But try the Thundershirt too. Your vet might even recommend it!

9.) If you plan to be away, try to have someone stay with your pets during the fireworks displays. This way if your pet escapes, someone will immediately notice. Being in the company of a trusted friend will help soothe your pet and keep them calmer than if they were alone.

10.) Leave pets at home during firework displays. It’s not worth the potential dangers of your pet becoming lost or injured. Even if he liked them last year, remember this year may be different could trigger more serious anxieties. Enjoy the lights and the noise with family and friends and let fido & company relax with a radio and an air conditioner. Thank you on behalf of your pet!

If your dog is stressed and anxious, a Thundershirt just might help. Available from ACCT Philly’s Petango store, Thundershirts fit snuggly on your dog, applying even calming pressure which has been demonstrated to reduce symptoms of anxiety in most dogs. See for yourself!


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Kennels are Full – Adopt or Foster, Save a Life! Wed, 24 Jun 2015 17:14:14 +0000 Friends, intake has been extremely high this month and we are overflowing with wonderful dogs in need of loving homes.  If you are able to help us save lives by fostering or adopting, now is the time.  As an added incentive, all adult dogs have 1/2 price adoption fees until Friday, June 26th. Please come to the shelter on 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia PA 19140 and we will match you with the perfect dog for your lifestyle! Hours and more information are below, thank you!

Adoption hours
Weekdays: 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Weekends and holidays: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Lifesaving hours (Foster and rescue)
Weekdays: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Weekends and holidays: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Learn more about the adoption process here.  View some of our adoptable dogs here.

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ACCT Philly Pets Make Trip to Minnesota! Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:18:17 +0000 When stray pitbull mix Wednesday came to ACCT Philly in late May, we noticed something a little odd: her microchip was registered to Winona Area Humane Society…in Minnesota! Despite the small, no-kill shelter not having a record of Wednesday ever being there, Winona facilities manager Dustin Holland made us an amazing offer: transport Wednesday up north, and not only will we happily help her find a loving family, we will take 15 adult cats, too! The ACCT Philly lifesaving team leapt at the opportunity, and after some impressive teamwork between volunteers and staff at both shelters, Wednesday and 15 cats were soon on their way to Minnesota and a second chance.

ACCT Philly Feline Programs Coordinator Bronywn Hinkle made the 20 hour trek and was greeted with excitment and kindness by shelter staff. She arrived back in Philly last week, and reports all 16 pets are settled-in and comfortably awaiting new adoptive families.

We can’t thank Winona Area Humane Society enough for expanding their mission to include helping Philadelphia pets, what a truly admirable example of going above and beyond for pets in need! Huge thanks are also in order to staff, volunteers and everyone else involved in making this transport a success – teamwork saves lives!

wednesday and bronwyn

Wednesday saying,”Goodbye and thank you!” to Bronwyn.

ACCT Philly cats all settled in in their new home!

ACCT Philly cats all settled in their new home!

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June Adoption Events Wed, 03 Jun 2015 19:04:32 +0000 Adoption Pricing for June

Kittens (under 6 months): Reduced to $65 for adopt a cat month!
Adult cats (over 6 months): Reduced to $20 for adopt a cat month!
Older adult cats (over 5 years): FREE with FAQ handout
Cats with Kitty Colds: FREE with FAQ handout and medication
Puppies (under 6 months): $200
Adult dogs (over 6 months): Adopt a Super Dog for $30!
Benefactor dogs: $250

Looking for general adoption information? Click here

In addition to general discounted adoption fees throughout the month, we’ve got super special prices during our June events and promotions!

June Adoption Events & Specials


June 1-30, 2015
National Adopt A Cat Month! 
All cats and kittens are $10 off throughout the month.

Download and share the flyer




June_Promo_Cat-Dog_FINAL-01June 1-30, 2015
Be an ACCTion Hero, Adopt A Super Dog! 
Adult dogs are $30 during June, excluding Benefactors.

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adopt-a-thon-_flyer_final-01June 6-7, 2015
ACCTion Hero Adopt-A-Thon
Discounted adoption fees, giveaways for all adopters, action hero themed pet photo shoot and more!  Read more.

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June 7, 2015
Kitten Shower with Philadoptables

Bottle-feeding demonstrations, refreshments, giveaways courteous of Philadoptables.  Whether you’re new to fostering or are a seasoned pro, all are encouraged and welcome to attend! Plus, meet our new Feline Programs Coordinator, Bronwyn Hinkle.

Download and share the flyer!



Featured Offsite Adoption Events


PupPaloozaJune 6, 2015
Pupalooza at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
Discounted fees on adoptable dogs from ACCT Philly!

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kittypalooza JUNE 2015 (1)June 27, 2015
KittyPalooza at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
Discounted fees on adoptable cats and kittens from ACCT Philly & Delco SPCA

Download and share the flyer!










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