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Does your mutt or mutt at heart have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Mutt?! Think your pet would make the picture perfect 2015 ACCT Philly Mascot?

Find out by entering the America’s Next Top Mutt photo contest today! But this isn’t just an opportunity to shine a much deserved spotlight on your adorable best friend…your entry helps improve the lives of shelter pets.


2014 ACCT Philly Mascot and Next Top Mutt Winner Batgirl!

Last year more than $5,700 was raised through the America’s Next Top Mutt photo contest, and we hope to match or even beat that number this year! Donations to ACCT Philly are dedicated to supporting critical, lifesaving initiatives. In the past your support has helped fund medical care for sick and injured shelter pets, a neonatal nursery that is saving tiny orphaned kittens, an amazing laundry area to keep blankets and towels clean, a cage-free cat room where cats can roam and stretch their legs, spay and neuter surgeries to prevent unwanted litters, new dog kennels and so much more!

Ready to get started? Visit to create a login, upload a favorite picture of your gorgeous pet, and make a donation to cast your votes for your superstar! Don’t forget to spread the word and tell all your friends to help homeless animals by voting for your pet.

When the contest ends August 3rd, the pet with the most votes will be declared America’s Next Top Mutt and become the 2015 ACCT Philly Mascot! Our 2014 mascot is Batgirl, check out her inspiring story here.

Find out more about the contest including prize information and photo requirements by clicking here.

May the best mutt win!

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Cat euthanasia dramatically declines with goal to save every kitten Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:29:02 +0000 Cat Euthanasia Dramatically Declines at ACCT Philly with Goal to Save Every Kitten 

kitten project post_72Philadelphia, PA, July 16, 2014 – The Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT Philly), the nonprofit that manages Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, is celebrating a dramatic reduction of cat euthanasia stemming from a goal to save every kitten that comes through its doors. Compared to June of 2013, June 2014 saw cat euthanasia decline by 50% – an incredible feat during the busiest time of year for ACCT Philly.

Young kittens stream into the shelter during summer months, but this year they are being saved in record numbers through ACCT Philly’s newly expanded foster care program where volunteers raise them in their homes until they are old enough for adoption.

“We are thrilled that so many volunteers and rescue partners have stepped up to help save these innocent lives and help us meet the goal of saving every kitten,” says Maria Decker, ACCT Philly’s Feline Programs Manager. “With this targeted effort, more kittens are getting into foster care and rescue than ever before.”

While the increased foster care effort is not the only program affecting cat euthanasia reduction, it has significantly contributed to the sharp decline. During the first five months of the year, cat euthanasia at Philadelphia’s busiest shelter declined 15%, but in June when kitten intake starts to climb, cat euthanasia was reduced by 50% compared to June 2013. So far more than 1,600 cats have been placed in temporary foster care with volunteers this year, a 44% increase over last year.

But ACCT Philly staff knows that kitten intakes are the highest through July and August as cat breeding peaks in our area, and are seeking theBFAS help of the public to continue the success of the program. “It will be tough to save them all during the busiest time of the year,” says Susan Cosby, Executive Director. “But we are determined and feel confident that with help from Philly’s cat lovers, we can meet our goal.”

“Best Friends has helped San Antonio, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida, successfully establish kitten programs. We have seen what an important role these programs can play in shelter operations. It is exciting to support ACCT Philly and the City of Philadelphia in their efforts to save the lives of more shelter kittens,” said Liz Finch, senior manager, national programs, Best Friends Animal Society.”

To learn more about how you can help save kittens’ lives by becoming a foster home, contact ACCT Philly at, 267-385-3800 ext. 500 or visit the shelter at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140 between 10AM and 8PM and ask to speak to the Lifesaving Staff about fostering kittens.

The foster care program and goal to save every kitten is generously supported by a grant from the Best Friends Animal Society.

Keep up-to-date with our progress towards saving every kitten by following us at and on Facebook and Twitter



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Sandy Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:44:11 +0000 SANDY (A23119391) is a 1-2 year old female pitbull type dog weighing about 45 pounds. She has a beautiful black and white coat  with cropped ears and a long tail..this is one of the cutest dogs that you will meet! She is a happy pup who loves to act silly and roll around in the grass or dirt; she loves to play and go for walks too.  Just watching her play will make you laugh! Sandy is treat motivated and loves to please her handler, so further training should be fun and relatively easy.  She’s very social, affectionate, and is making lots of friends while at ACCT Philly.  She’s hoping her forever family will come soon and bring her to her new home…..if you think SANDY is adorable in her pics,wait til you see her in person…you will fall in love…come to ACCT and meet this awesome girl!



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Call me 007…Cat 007 Mon, 14 Jul 2014 21:41:58 +0000 Hi there, it’s me Cat. Cat 7 to be more specific. Now, I know, it’s not a very glamorous name I’ll admit, but maybe it’s kinda like James Bond? You know, 007? Can we change it to Cat 007? That would make it super cool! Well, no matter what my name is, I am absolutely positively A-MAZ-ING! Check out my photos, you will see all the effort I go through to show you just how sweet I am. I am just 8 months old and was brought to the shelter along with 6 other kittens when my owner had too many animals. I am super friendly and love everyone! I get along with other cats, and can’t wait to have a forever family. Come down and adopt me today!

cat 007

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July Adoption Specials and Events Tue, 01 Jul 2014 17:55:43 +0000 June Adoption Prices
Kittens (under 6 months): $50
Adult Cats (over 6 months): $20
Older Cats (over 5 years): FREE with FAQ Handout
Cats with Kitty Colds: FREE with FAQ Handout and Medication
Puppies (under 6 months): $200
Adult Dogs (over 6 months): $40
Benefactor Dogs: $250

In addition to general discounted adoption fees throughout the month, we’ve got Super Special Prices during our June events and promotions!

Adoption Promotions and Events

The following events take place at our shelter on 111 W. Hunting Park Ave in North Philly.

beach-blankets-for-bingo-PNG2Beach Blankets for Bingo – All Month Long!
Bring in new or used towels, sheets or blankets for our pets and get 1/2 off your adoption fee!

Download and share the flyer!



chill-out-with-acct-phillyChill Out with ACCT Philly – All Month Long!
When the predicted high for the day is 90° F or higher, the adoption fee for all adult pets is $9! Shelter pets are great chillaxin’ buddies…come adopt yours!

Download and share the flyer!



let-freedom-ring-PNGLet Freedom Ring! – July 4th-6th
Celebrate our nation’s independence by giving freedom to a shelter pet! All pets are free in honor of July 4th.

Download and share the flyer!



play_ball_acctPhiladelphia Phelines – Play Ball! July 21st-27th
After each Phils’ win during the Phillies homestand July 21st-27th, all Philadelphia Phelines are free to adopt!


Download and share the flyer!


Offsite Adoption Events, Cats Only

Summer is our busiest time of year and we are pulling out all the stops to find loving, forever homes for cats and kittens. All events feature discount pricing and a wide selection of adoptable kitties.

okcatpid flyer JULYOkCatpid Adoption Event
July 12th, 2014 at PetSmart Plymouth Meeting
2100 Chemical Rd, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Download and share the flyer!


kittypalooza JULY 2014KittyPalooza!
July 19th, 2014 at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
701 Montgomery Ave, Narberth, PA 19072
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Download and share the flyer!


kittens gone wild JULYKitties Gone Wild Adoption Event
July 26th, 2014 at Petco Unleashed North Wales
1210 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, PA 19454
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Download and share the flyer!



purrfect match adoption event JULYPurrfect Match Adoption Event
July 26th, 2014 at Chic Petique on Liberties Walk
1040 N 2nd St # 401, Philadelphia, PA 19123
12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Download and share the flyer!

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Fireworks & Pets: Tips for a stress-free July 4th Mon, 23 Jun 2014 21:03:22 +0000 Starting this week, Philadelphians will be Welcoming America in celebration of our country’s independence. Barbecues, block parties, concerts, fireworks…we’ll be having a great, big, noisy time – but our pets have no idea what the fuss is all about! To help your pets stay calm and safe this Fourth of July, check out the following tips:

1.) Identification, identification, identification. Oh, did we mention identification? The single most important safety precaution you can take for your pet is to have up-to-date identification on your pet at all times. What does this mean? A well fitting collar with an engraved tag stating your contact information, a microchip and/or a dog license. The more the merrier! Frightened pets have been known to jump through windows or push through screen doors in an attempt to flee perceived danger. An ID tag will help get your pet home in the event they run away.

→ Did You Know? Licensed dogs are more likely to be reunited with their owners, are given a longer hold time at the shelter and are in compliance with the dog license law. Best of all? Dog license fees save the lives of shelter pets by helping fund ACCT Philly! Get your dog licensed today, click here.

2.) Keep your pets inside, even if you have a fenced-in yard. This will decrease the chances of your pet escaping. Even if your pet has never bolted before, don’t take the chance; loud noises such as fireworks can make your pet behave in a completely different way.

3.) Don’t assume your pet is ok with fireworks. Just like humans, pets can develop new fears over time. Just because your dog was relaxed last year doesn’t mean this year will be the same. It’s best to be prepared for the worst and grateful when nothing happens.

4.) Stay calm. Pets feed off of your energy, so if you are tense and appear concerned – your pet will think there really is something to be frightened of. Try to relax and send calming signals to your pet. Give them a positive experience to focus on like some yummy treats or playtime.


It’s OK to be nervous! Fireworks are scary.

5.) Never punish your pet for being afraid. This can make pets confused and more fearful. It’s normal to be scared of loud noises, and reactions can range from shaking, hiding or vocalizing (barking, howling, yowling) to digging through walls and doors and going to the bathroom in the house. It’s safe to say that pets will probably never understand why we humans enjoy firework displays, so until they do, let’s cut them a little slack.

6.) Drown out fireworks with white noise. If they can’t hear the fireworks (or hear them as clearly, anyway), your pets will be less frightened and less likely to act out in fear. Turn on the radio or tv to a noisy channel that will mask the scary cracks and booms of fireworks.

7.) Is your pet afraid of thunder? Expect the same from fireworks, because to your pet, they are both loud and scary. The good thing about fireworks is that you can make a plan in advance to help lower your pets stress level. You can also be very fashionable and stylish while you do it. Just check out our Thundershirt information below to learn how.

8.) Talk to your veterinarian. If you your pet has developed serious anxiety issues over fireworks or thunderstorms, your veterinarian may have solutions including medication or behavioral therapy. But try the Thundershirt too. Your vet might even recommend it!

9.) If you plan to be away, try to have someone stay with your pets during the fireworks displays. This way if your pet escapes, someone will immediately notice. Being in the company of a trusted friend will help soothe your pet and keep them calmer than if they were alone.

10.) Leave pets at home during firework displays. It’s not worth the potential dangers of your pet becoming lost or injured. Even if he liked them last year, remember this year may be different could trigger more serious anxieties. Enjoy the lights and the noise with family and friends and let fido & company relax with a radio and an air conditioner. Thank you on behalf of your pet!

If your dog is stressed and anxious, a Thundershirt just might help. Available from ACCT Philly’s Petango store, Thundershirts fit snuggly on your dog, applying even calming pressure which has been demonstrated to reduce symptoms of anxiety in most dogs. See for yourself!


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Free Workshop: “Helping Cats in Your Community” Wed, 18 Jun 2014 19:19:23 +0000 Are you interested in learning more about how you can help stray and feral cats in your community? Join The Spayed Club for “Helping Cats in Your Community”, a free workshop designed to give you the knowledge necessary to make a difference for community cats. The workshop is being held Saturday, July 12th from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at The Spayed Club on 800 Chester Pike, Sharon Hill, PA 19079. Topics include:

  • Introduction to stray & feral cats
  • Trap, Neuter and Return (TNRM)
  • Where to Get Help & Local Resources
  • Community Relations including Educating, Advocating and Mediating
  • Ongoing Management of the cats (Feeding, Winter Shelters, Veterinary Care)

Registration is required, please call 484-540-8436 or e-mail: to sign-up.

“Helping Cats in Your Community”
July 12th 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

The Spayed Club
Spay/Neuter Clinic
800 Chester Pike
Sharon Hill, PA 19079



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June Adoption Events and Promotions Tue, 03 Jun 2014 19:20:16 +0000 June Adoption Prices

Kittens (under 6 months): $50
Adult Cats (over 6 months): $20
Older Cats (over 5 years): FREE with FAQ Handout
Cats with Kitty Colds: FREE with FAQ Handout and Medication
Puppies (under 6 months): $200
Adult Dogs (over 6 months): $40
Benefactor Dogs: $250

In addition to general discounted adoption fees throughout the month, we’ve got Super Special Prices during our June events and promotions!

Adoption Promotions and Events 

All Paws on Deck 2014 full sheetJune 7th-8th- All Paws on Deck Mega Adoption Event sponsored by PetSmart Charities

Held at the PetSmart in the Plymouth Meeting Metroplex, this huge event features more than 500 adoptable pets from local animal shelters and rescues, including ACCT Philly.  More information is available here.

Download and share the flyer!



adopt a cat month FINAL 2June is National Adopt a Cat Month
All adult cats have 1/2 price adoption fees throughout the month of June.

Download and share flyer!




9-for-9-flyerJune 14th-22nd “9 Lives for $9″
All cat adoptions are $9! Made possible through a grant from Best Friends Animal Society.

Download and share the flyer! 




whos your daddyJune 14th-15th – “Who’s Your Daddy!?!” Adoption Special
In honor of Father’s Day, all male pets have Waived adoptions.

Download and share the flyer!




philly-stray-strutJune 28th-29th – “Philly Stray Strut”
Show your Philly pride, adopt a Philly Stray! All stray animals have 1/2 priced adoption fees.


Catastic Cat Only Adoption Events

The following events are held at one of our fabulous offsite partner locations.


purrfect match adoption event JUNEJune 14th-  Purrfect Match at Chic Petique
$20 adults, $40 kittens
12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

at Chic Petique
Liberties Walk, No Libs

Download and share the flyer!


kittypalooza JUNE 20142June 21st – KittyPalooza at Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow
$20 adults, $40 kittens
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

701 Montogmery Ave
Narberth, PA 19072

Download and share the flyer!


kittens gone wild galaxy JUNEJune 28th – Kitties Gone Wild at Petco Unleashed
$20 adults, $40 kittens
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

at Petco Unleashed
1210 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales PA

Download and share the flyer!



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Newborn Kittens Need Your Help Wed, 28 May 2014 03:34:27 +0000 Newborn Kittens Need Your Help


Oliver was only a few days old when he arrived.

Meet Oliver.  He was once a vulnerable baby kitten, and like so many other kittens this time of year, he arrived at ACCT Philly without his mother and in need of extra care and bottle feeding. Right now, orphaned babies are arriving every single day. They may be motherless, but they are not alone. They have the dedicated staff and volunteers of ACCT Philly… and they have you!

Tiny babies like Oliver pour into the shelter at this time of year. In fact, we expect to see more than 115 animals arrive here each day during our busiest months. Their care, combined with that needed for our other animals, stretches our resources to the limit. It’s a difficult and overwhelming time, but we are committed to doing whatever we can to help these defenseless orphans.

Right now there is an innovative, new nursery set up for orphaned kittens, which has already saved more than 150 kittens this year. It’s a safe place for the tiniest ones to receive special, individual care. Our staff and volunteers gently bottle feed tiny kittens, whose eyes aren’t even open. They take the time to cuddle them in warm towels. Your support makes this miracle nursery possible.


Because of you, Oliver grew up to be a healthy, lively kitten!

Oliver is a thriving, active kitten now.  And with your support, we can give more kittens just like Oliver the care they need and the homes they deserve.

Some would say that there are too many animals … we can’t save them all. But with you by our side, we will say, “Yes! We can save them!”

Please make a lifesaving gift today so that together, we can care for as many babies as possible and give them a path to a more promising future.

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Introducing Batgirl, ACCT Philly’s 2014 Mascot! Wed, 28 May 2014 03:21:19 +0000 batgirl web banner2

We are excited to introduce America’s Next Top Mutt and ACCT Philly’s 2014 mascot…Batgirl!

As a cat, Batgirl may not be a traditional “mutt”, but she has definitely earned her top dog ranking. Batgirl’s story of determination and luck is inspirational for all species.

batgirl1Found alone on a Philadelphia street in May of 2012 with severe eye and upper respiratory infections, Batgirl wasn’t dealt the best hand in life. The tiny, skinny kitten was brought to ACCT Philly by a concerned citizen. Due to her ill health and young age, she urgently needed foster care. As fate would have it, Linda Walker was volunteering at the shelter that spring day. “I happened to look down in the very bottom kennel at the very end of the room,” said Linda. “A tiny black kitten was sitting in her litter box, facing the wall of the kennel. She looked so sick, she couldn’t see, but she still came to the front of the kennel when I talked to her, stood on her little hind legs and pawed through the bars, meowing her heart out.”

batgirl kittenDespite not knowing exactly what she was in for, Linda took the sickly kitten into foster care that night. Batgirl’s illness required intense treatment and quickly evolved into an ongoing battle for survival. Round after round of antibiotics, steroids and other medications were never able to fully kick Batgirl’s chronic upper respiratory and eye infections, eventually leaving her left eyelid fused to her cornea (veterinarians say this does not bother Batgirl).  Amazingly, Batgirl’s spirits stayed bright and she played like a normal kitten. “She did funny things; she acted like a little dog. She loved to follow me around,” recalls Linda.

Finally, a CT scan revealed the underlying culprit: congenital malformation of her skull resulting in the absence of frontal sinuses. Although this meant no cure, it was a relief to finally know the cause of the chronic infections and to move on the next step of fine tuning a combination of medications and lifestyle choices to keep Batgirl as comfortable as possible. “I was a stubborn foster mom,” said Linda. “I didn’t quit on her, and she didn’t quit, either.”

batgirl sweaterThroughout all of this, Linda shared Batgirl’s health updates with friends and co-workers, who rooted for her quick recovery. “Telling her story allowed a wide audience to see how fostering saves lives, and that fostering special needs cats was especially rewarding,” said Linda. When a friend mentioned a potential adopter, in that moment Linda knew that Batgirl was already at home. “I realized that I was pretty attached to this black kitten who was fighting so hard to be on the planet,” said Linda.  “She and I started this journey together that day we crossed paths in the shelter. I was meant to be Batgirl’s mom.”

Today, Batgirl is as happy-go-lucky as ever. She inspires her mom on a daily basis. “I have learned so much from the way she faces each day,” said Linda. ”She lives in the right now, and right now she is trying (and succeeding) to make every day great.” Batgirl is congested often and still has infections periodically, but “she never gives up. Ever. She doesn’t sulk, she doesn’t hide, she runs right up to life, stares it in the eye, and then challenges it to bring her down.”

“Batgirl is one of those cats that comes along once in a lifetime. I am sure people have their own Batgirls out there who are unique and special and amazing. I am really glad I found mine!”

Click here to learn more about our fostering program, and make a difference for special pet like Batgirl.

batgirl with linda


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