Hi there! So, I know a lot of people like to boast that they look young for their age. Well, how many of those people have earned their nickname because of it? Yep, I’m the one they call Young One (A17502140)…not bad for a 5-10 year old boy from the streets! My tabby-and-white coat and wide green eyes are without reproach…try and find a wrinkle on my face, I dare you! But, it’s not just my youthful looks that earned me my name-I’m also young at heart! I know life on the streets can be stressful, but I didn’t let it get me down, as I knew there was a better place for me on the horizon. Now I’m at the shelter, warm, dry, and with ample amounts of food. But even better than that is the attention I get from the humans here! I love to greet them all and nuzzle their hands for head rubs! Gee, i have pretty good here that I almost don’t want to leave! But, I know that’s there an even better place out there, and that’s my forever home. If you can appreciate a guy with some life experience who still had the spirit of a kitten, I think I’m the one for you!

Come adopt Young One TODAY ! Adoption hours are Monday- Friday 1pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm.