URGENT -Bobby (A11160793) is a gorgeous and amazing 2½ year old blue cream / grey tabby girl who has quite a rocky history. Let’s start at the beginning… Bobby was first brought to the shelter way back in August of 2010. She was a tiny 2 pound kitten, barely 9 weeks old. She was a bit nervous, but sweet and cute, and was only in the shelter for about a week before someone came in and adopted her. She grew up in a home, and for all anyone knew was living her happily ever after. Then, one day around Thanksgiving of this year, over 2 years later, she was found wandering around a city park all by herself. Luckily, she was microchipped, which scanned on intake, and the shelter contacted her owners. The saga continued for poor Bobby though, because the person that adopted her had given Bobby to her neighbor over a year ago, and that neighbor had since moved to Florida! So, poor Bobby had been living outside, trying to fend for herself. The original adopter didn’t want her back, and she was put up for adoption so she could find a true loving and committed home. Well, a couple weeks later, she found a family and they adopted her! Sadly, she was returned only a few days later because she was coming down with a cold. Now, poor Bobby sits in the shelter, sad, and losing faith that she will find her TRUE happy ever after. Can you help this adorable, sweet, amazing young girl find true love and happiness? She has been through so much in her 2 years, and desperately needs a hero!

Come meet the incredible Bobby today!  Adoption hours are Monday- Friday 1pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm.