Available Cats

Most cats are located at our shelter, at 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA. However we also have cats in foster care who are also available for adoption and are listed below the cats at our shelter.  

How to adopt:

For animals located at the shelter, you can book an adoption appointment up to a week in advance or see what the wait time is for walk in appointments and add your name to the list here.

You can also now fill out an adoption application for cats before you come to the shelter!

This will expedite the process, as it allows us to have this information on hand when you arrive, as well as store it for the future! Please note that filling out an application does not place any kind of hold on an animal, nor does it guarantee an adoption. You will not be contacted after filling out an application, it will only be used if you come to the shelter for an animal you are interested in. 

Questions? E-mail us at adopt@acctphilly.org

We are now open to the public 10am-6pm daily for surrender and adoption appointments, as well as lost and found services. Masks are required indoors. 

What to bring with you on adoption day

  • An up to date photo ID.
  • It is strongly recommended that all residents in the household are present to meet the cat
  • Carrier

All cats must leave in a suitable carrier. If you need a carrier, you may purchase a cardboard carrier for $5.

What are the benefits of your adoption?
Your adopted cat will be microchipped, provided flea preventative and dewormed, given age appropriate vaccines, and spayed or neutered – normally these services would cost a pet owner in Philadelphia more than $400! Additionally, ACCT Philly will always take a pet back into our care if you are no longer able to keep them.

Adoption Fees:

  • $105 kitten (under 6 mos)
  •  $55 adult cat (6 mos – 2 yrs)
  • $45 adult cat (2 yrs – 7 yrs)
  • $25 senior cat (+7 yrs)

Cats available for adoption at our main facility:

Cats available for adoption from foster care:
These animals are currently in foster care. They are not onsite at ACCT Philly.  If you are interested in one of these animals please reach out to the foster parent via email. If the foster has not listed a personal email, contact foster@acctphilly.org to be put in touch with the foster.