ACCT Philly TNR Services

In July of 2021, ACCT Philly is expanded its capacity by partnering with Penn Vet Mobile Clinic to offer TNR to the public one to two days per week. In order to make this service more accessible, we  accept up to 25 cats on surgery days, with a limit of two cats per person, and do not do appointments. This service is ONLY for community/stray/feral cats that will be returning back to their outdoor homes. 

Please note:

  • Cats must be dropped off in a humane cat trap between 8am-9am on the day of surgery. One cat per trap and two cats per person.
  • Cats must be trapped in Philadelphia.
  • Pull into the back parking lot. When you are facing the building, you will see a large dog run on the left. To the right of that dog run is a pathway. Follow the path and there will be a door on your right. This is where you'll be dropping off your cats.
  • Pick up is the next day from 9am - 12pm via the same entrance. You must pick up your TNR cats by 12pm the day after surgery. Repeated failure to pick up cats may result in individuals no longer being permitted to utilize TNR resources at ACCT. We will not be offering same day pick up as, in our experience, it is ideal to have the cats stay overnight to ensure they’ve safely woken up from the anesthesia and are ready to be released back to their colonies
  • This service is ONLY for community/stray/feral cats that will be returning back to their outdoor homes. If you have a cat that you are planning to adopt out, please check here for low cost veterinary options in Philadelphia.
  • Cats in the ACCT Philly Community Cat Program receive spay or neuter surgery, left ear tip*, vaccines (FVRCP & Rabies), flea treatment, wellness exam, and food during their stay. 
    • *A left ear tip indicates a cat has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

      Upcoming TNR Days:
    • January 2022
      • Tuesday, January 18th
      • Thursday, January 20th
      • Tuesday, January 25th
      • Thursday, January 27th
      • Tuesday, February 1st

Need to borrow a trap?

Did you know that you can rent a trap? These are used to safely trap stray and feral cats that are in need of spay or neuter services. Catadelphia, a local organization focused on helping cats in Philadelphia, operates a trap library! Visit Catadelphia's trap library here.

Surrender (SNR) Services at ACCT Philly

ACCT Philly will no longer be accepting TNR cats as surrenders. If you are bringing in a cat for the specific purpose of TNR’ing, you must follow the steps listed above on our TNR days. If you bring in a community cat in a trap to surrender, you will be turned away and asked to make an appointment. The only time you may surrender a cat for the specific purpose of TNR’ing is if you believe the cat to be pregnant, or suffering from pyometra, or extremely injured or sick (to learn more about pyometra, click here). You will not be able to pick up a cat that you have surrendered.
SNR (Shelter- Neuter- Return) is a program specifically created to help stray cats that are surrendered to ACCT Philly by the general public. This program is for good samaritans who want to help, but don’t yet know about TNR. A member of the general public may find a stray cat and bring it straight to us. Instead of keeping these stray cats indefinitely in the shelter, we will fix and vaccinate and then return them back to where they were found.

Please contact us if you need trapping assistance, want to volunteer or have other questions.