Board of Directors:

  • Charlotte Castle, Deputy Director of Policy & Initiatives, Office of the Managing Director, City of Philadelphia – Co-Chair, Designee of the Managing Director
  • Marsha Perelman – Co-Chair
  • Sandra Jones, Esq
  • Colena Johnson, DVM
  • Councilman Allan Domb
  • Honorable Ed Rendell
  • Ashley Mutch
  • Michael Gillen, CPA, CFE
  • Jennifer Rice
  • Ravi Acharya
  • Representative Joe Hohenstein
  • Max Tuttleman


Board Bylaws

Staff Leadership:

  • Sarah Barnett, Interim Co-Executive Director
  • Tara Schernecke, Interim Co-Executive Director
  • Tamara Glover, Manager, Human Resources

Board Minutes, Reports and Presentations